Welcome to MBK12!

In January 2018 we presented MBK12 (furnishing kit with 12 cm division/steps) to the public for the first time at the IMM (International Furniture Fair) in Cologne. We had a great response, both to the exhibits, the processing quality, and the many options that the system gives the user. It was a lot of fun for us to see the reactions of the visitors at the "click" that occurred at the moment of understanding how the system works. Usually we had to show how it's done, but we also had many visitors who carefully lifted a panel on a piece of furniture and understood that the surface can be freely designed with us, immediately, always and not just once in the furniture store or on the online configurator. These reactions were the nicest for us, especially when accompanied by an “Ohhh” or even a short yelp. The reaction that our boxes and plates are both part of the furniture but also look good as wall decoration was great.

These were moments that compensated for all the difficult moments during the multi-year design and development phase, because the development of the system was anything but easy. We had the requirement that everything fits together perfectly, hundreds of parts had to be coordinated. Quite apart from the fact that the whole concept is new to the market and there is always a risk of not being able to assert itself against long-established and less courageous concepts.

It was worth it, we have a system that gives the user almost unlimited freedom of interior design and enables unique furniture and accessory compositions. The system enables us to develop additional system elements quickly and reliably. This is supported by an online configurator, which is unique in the market due to its complexity. 3D models can be assembled in three levels.

The bedside table collections were added at the end of 2019 and the wall consoles in 2020 as additional product lines. Optically light, refined but still puristic, these pieces reflect the zeitgeist.

Everything we offer is independently designed, developed and handcrafted. And with great attention to detail. We will never succumb to the trend towards inferior materials or average quality, because MBK12 was born from a great passion for furniture, accessories and interior design.


Our products must meet the following criteria:

It must be an aesthetic eye-catcher, but remain simple, without frills and superfluous.

There has to be something new in the world, we don't have any well-trodden paths or reference to existing products.

It must contribute to stylish order at home, the Japanese 5S principle is our guide. Provide exactly the right amount of storage space, not too little but above all not too much. Lots of space attracts clutter.

It should create transparency and not hide superfluous things. That's why we reject pigeonholes.

It must be made of solid wood. We don't think it makes much sense to shred a tree, put glue on it, press it into chipboard or MDF boards with a great deal of energy and only then turn it into furniture.

Markus Schroer MBK12 furniture design

MBK12 founder Markus Schroer - graduate industrial engineer in production engineering and trained carpenter - developed the MBK12 system and launched it on the market in 2018.

"I have such a hard time parting with my furniture that a client recommended I attend a separation pain therapy group."