Serving trolley - a unique design classic

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Serving trolley - a classic piece of furniture revisited

Serving trolleys are enjoying great popularity again and shine with a wide range of individual uses. Serving trolleys give every living environment that certain extra. With a serving trolley you can serve your guests elegantly and at the same time get a central storage area for your spirits, drinks and your bartender equipment.

Thanks to the attached castors, the serving trolleys can be used extremely flexibly and can be easily moved to any place where they are needed.

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Serving trolley - design classic relaunched

Serving trolleys are a design classic that is rightly back in the limelight. Serving trolleys solve a space problem in an elegant way, offer plenty of storage space and useful storage and work surfaces and are an eye-catcher for any living environment.

The living room and dining area are ideal places for serving trolleys. The cleverly sorted shelves are ideal for creating order, be it for kitchen utensils, bar equipment or simply for storing magazines and books. At celebrations, the serving trolley can be used to prepare and serve drinks and snacks.

The purposes are very variable, so that serving trolleys are rightly regarded as a very functional and practical piece of furniture . Last but not least, the strongly increasing sales figures are proof that more and more people are recognizing this and that serving trolleys are being rediscovered.

What do you have to consider when buying a serving trolley?

Before you buy a serving trolley, think about which room it fits best in and where it really comes into its own. Not only must the appropriate space be available, but the combination with existing pieces of furniture must also fit.

This is followed by the question of which color combination is best suited for your serving trolley. mbk12 offers you a large selection of color combinations, which gives you the freedom to find the ideal serving trolley for you. You should also consider how you want to equip the serving trolley. Ideally, they already have a collection of whiskey bottles or bartender supplies they want to store there.

Serving trolleys can also be used to store glasses. Otherwise they get enough ideas in decoration shops. It is said that there have already been people who have used serving trolleys as a side table, bookshelf or place to put house plants.

Serving trolley - from MBK12

The manufacturing process

Serving trolleys from MBK12 are individually manufactured in a complex manufacturing process, largely by hand . The steel profiles used for the construction are hand-welded, with each weld seam being individually reground and smoothed. After applying the primer, the steel profiles are painted several times to ensure a perfect surface and a long service life.

Finally, the wooden parts are assembled, which were also custom-made in a complex manufacturing process. The typical MBK12 grid structure can be found in the lower area of ​​the serving trolley. The middle and upper levels are connected by a stable plate. A felt layer is applied to the sides, which protects the serving trolley from scratches.

The total cost of the manufacturing process is considerable compared to industrial mass production. This can therefore only be guaranteed in a specialized furniture manufacturer such as MBK12. At the same time, this form of production guarantees durability and robustness, which makes your serving trolley a piece of furniture that you can enjoy for decades.

Technical details

The frame structure of the serving trolley consists of 15x15mm thick square tubes and L-profiles, which are carefully welded and painted by hand. High-quality PUR paint is used as paint. Different colored paints can also be used on request.

The serving trolley can be dismantled into three parts. Each level consists of a support plate to hold boxes, trays and plates.

The weight is about 30 kg. The dimensions are standardized: 70cm x 40cm x 80cm (length x width/depth x height)

The advantages of MBK12 serving trolley

  • Extremely versatile, can be used as a shelf or as a piece of presentation furniture
  • a solid workmanship through the use of high-quality materials made of oak wood and steel
  • Fast production and short delivery times thanks to complete production in Germany
  • an individual, timeless design that you can enjoy for a long time
  • a piece of furniture that you can use flexibly and that fits into any living space thanks to its dimensions
  • many possible combinations with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 universe
  • free furniture advice and implementation of your wishes on request

The MBK12 product configurator

If you are not 100% satisfied with our serving trolleys or if you can expand the variants yourself, we offer you the option of putting together a console table with a steel frame in our product configurator.

You can easily try out different variants on the computer. From the configurator you create a product suggestion that you can send to us with a mouse click. Based on your product configuration, we offer you free product advice and provide you with a non-binding price offer.

Here is the configurator

FAQ: The most important questions about the serving trolley

1. What are the MBK12 trolleys made of?

The serving trolleys from MBK12 are made of metal. The insert boxes and trays are made of wood and can be combined with one another.

2. Do the serving trolleys have wheels?

The serving trolleys are equipped with castors so that they can also be used to serve drinks or food.

3. Why are MBK12 trolleys comparatively expensive?

Depending on the equipment, the serving trolleys from MBK12 cost from around 1,100 euros including VAT. The price is explained by the fact that these are individually manufactured items made of high-quality materials. MBK12 serving trolleys are built to last and not just until the next move. Calculated over the potential useful life, serving trolleys from MBK12 are ultimately less expensive than you might think.