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The hallway is one of the most important rooms in an apartment and is often neglected when it comes to furnishing the home. This is because hallways are often small and narrow, with many exiting doors making it difficult to place suitable furniture.

On the other hand, the hallway is used frequently by residents and is the first impression visitors and guests have when entering an apartment. Therefore, the hallway deserves much more attention and attention, because as is well known, the first impression counts the most.

Below we have put together a few tips and hints to help you set up the hallway.

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Typical furnishing mistakes in the hallway design

The furnishing of hallways is difficult because space is often limited and the space as such is completely neglected. Hallways degenerate into better storage rooms and unorganized storage spaces that are provisionally filled with bulky pieces of furniture.

Corridors are extremely important to convey the important first impression of an apartment. Hallways determine whether guests and residents feel comfortable in the apartment.

Another problem with hallways is the lack of direct sunlight. Appropriate lighting is therefore a very important element in creating a good ambience in the hallway.

The 7 most serious interior design mistakes in hallways:

  • Underestimating the importance of corridors and devaluing them as connecting rooms
  • Bulky poorly placed furniture
  • Unstructured white walls
  • generous storage space
  • use the hallway as a storage room
  • too few shelves, too few light sources and poor lighting

How to design a narrow hallway?

When designing narrow hallways, you should first pay attention to the color scheme. There is often no direct daylight in corridors. A well thought-out color scheme can make things easier here.

In any case, choose a light wall color to make the hallway appear larger. However, white color is not recommended, rather a light gray or pastel shades that look friendly and inviting.

The second important point concerns the illumination. The lack of daylight in the entrance area can be compensated for by a clever lighting system. This includes a ceiling light, but also table and wall lights that can be placed in different places in the hallway. Individual ceiling spotlights can also be a useful addition.

A hallway without furniture and decoration does not look very inviting. With the right selection of cupboards, wardrobes, chests of drawers and wall brackets, you can set the right accents and give the hallway a pleasant ambience. And you give the hallway the status it deserves as an important part of every apartment.

Narrow furniture from MBK12 - the right alternative for narrow hallways

Often hallways are very narrow, so the choice of suitable furniture is very limited. At the same time, however, furniture is an indispensable accessory when it comes to designing and setting accents in rooms.

MBK12 furniture solves this dilemma with the collection for narrow furniture, which offers many variants and design options, especially for the design of hallways.

The narrow console table from MBK12

The narrow console table from MBK12 is available from a depth of just 12 centimeters and thus meets all the requirements for furnishing narrow corridors. The width has varied from 30 centimeters to over 1 meter.

The height is also very variable with up to 1.20 meters. The narrow console table from MBK12 still offers enough storage space to store things that are used more frequently in everyday life and should be kept within reach, such as wallets, glasses, smartphones or gloves in winter.

The MBK12 console table is divided into compartments to support the order and organization of utensils - based on the FünfS principle of order, which we have explained in more detail here.

The narrow console table from MBK12 consists of a combination of metal and real wood components. A hand-painted black frame made of hand-welded steel ensures stability. The boxes, trays and lacquered panels for storing and organizing utensils are made of oak.

The solid workmanship, the use of high-quality materials and the timeless, individually manufactured design are the main features of the MBK12 collection and also apply to the narrow console table from MBK12.

The narrow wall bracket MBK12

Like the narrow console table, the narrow wall console is also designed for use in narrow corridors. With a depth of 14 centimeters or more, the narrow wall bracket is an ideal piece of furniture for setting accents in cramped spaces.

With various lengths from 36 centimeters, the narrow wall bracket from MBK12 offers enough flexibility for various living areas. The height of the wall bracket is set at 11.5 centimeters. Various color variants from real oak to black round off the selection and combination options.

MBK12 wall brackets belong to the category of minimalist furniture with high quality design standards through the use of real wood materials. The MBK12 wall bracket is characterized by its robustness as well as its long-term use.

By attaching it to the wall, you can also set accents in smaller, narrow hallways and at the same time gain a practical storage or presentation area.

The most important questions about narrow furniture from MBK12

1. What is the maximum length of the slim wall bracket?

The narrow wall bracket is available in lengths from 36 to 96 cm. Thanks to the different sizes, the available space in a narrow hallway can be ideally used.

2. How high is the wall bracket?

The narrow wall console is available with a height of 11.5 centimeters (with trays).

3. What wall bracket designs does MBK12 offer?

In accordance with the philosophy of MBK12, the design of the wall brackets is based on minimalism and value. All MBK12 wall brackets are handmade and can be easily combined with other pieces of furniture from the MBK12 collection.

4. What can be stored in a console table?

A wall console is suitable for storing all sorts of everyday objects that you should often keep within reach, such as a wallet or keys. In addition, decorative things can be presented well on a console table, such as photos, pictures, flowers.

5. Where are MBK12 narrow console tables made?

The console tables from MBK12 are handcrafted in the in-house furniture factory in Berlin, assembled in several work steps and delivered to our customers after thorough quality control.

6. What are the dimensions of the MBK12 narrow console tables?

The MBK12 console tables are available in the following dimensions: Width/Length: 60 centimeters (standard size) Depth: 24 centimeters (standard size) Height: 79 centimeters or 85 centimeters

Common Mistakes in Hallway Design

The hallway, often referred to as the entryway or foyer, serves as the first impression of your home's interior. It sets the tone for the entire space and offers a glimpse into your personal style. However, it's a common area where design mistakes can easily occur. To ensure a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing hallway, avoid these typical pitfalls in hallway design.

  • Cluttered Space: One of the most common mistakes is overcrowding the hallway with too much furniture or decor. Keep the hallway open and spacious to avoid a cramped feel. A cluttered hallway can make the entire home appear chaotic.
  • Inadequate Lighting: Poor lighting can make your hallway feel gloomy and uninviting. Avoid relying on a single overhead light fixture. Instead, incorporate multiple light sources such as wall sconces, table lamps, or even natural light through strategically placed mirrors.
  • Ignoring Functionality: While aesthetics are important, don't forget the practical aspect of the hallway. It's a transitional space that needs to accommodate functions like storing keys, coats, and shoes. Integrate smart storage solutions like hooks, shelves, or a console table with drawers to keep the space organized.
  • Lack of Personal Touch: Your hallway should reflect your personality and style. Avoid making it too generic or impersonal. Incorporate artwork, family photos, or decor items that hold sentimental value to create a more inviting atmosphere.
  • Neglecting Flooring: Hallways experience heavy foot traffic, so it's crucial to choose durable flooring. Avoid overly delicate materials that might wear out quickly. Instead, opt for options like hardwood, laminate, or tiles that can withstand the wear and tear.
  • Disregarding Color and Texture: Hallways are an opportunity to experiment with color and texture, but be cautious not to overwhelm the space. Avoid using too many contrasting colors or overly busy patterns, as they can make the hallway feel chaotic. Instead, opt for a cohesive color palette and subtle textures.
  • Improper Scale: Choosing furniture or decor that is out of proportion with the hallway's dimensions can disrupt the visual balance. Ensure that the scale of the items you choose complements the size of the space.
  • Neglecting Mirrors: Mirrors are a powerful tool for opening up small spaces and reflecting light. They can make a narrow hallway feel more expansive and airy. Don't hesitate to incorporate mirrors into your hallway design.
  • Forgetting about Flow: The hallway is a transitional space that should lead smoothly into other rooms. Avoid obstructing the natural flow by placing furniture or decor items in a way that blocks movement through the hallway.
  • Overlooking the Ceiling: Many people forget to consider the ceiling in their hallway design. A well-chosen ceiling treatment, such as a unique light fixture or even a pop of color, can add an extra layer of visual interest to the space.

In conclusion, a well-designed hallway can enhance the overall appeal of your home. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can create a welcoming and functional entryway that leaves a positive impression on both guests and residents.


Furniture for the hallway

Wardrobe, bench, wall console perfectly coordinated


Furniture for the hallway

Coat rack, shoe rack, mirror and wall console harmonize together

Designing a Narrow Hallway: Making the Most of Limited Space

A narrow hallway might present a design challenge, but with a few creative strategies, you can transform it into a visually appealing and functional space. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your limited hallway space:

  • Lighting is Key: A well-lit hallway feels more open and inviting. Consider installing wall sconces, pendant lights, or even track lighting to brighten up the space. If natural light is available, make sure to keep windows clear of obstructions.
  • Mirrors and Illusions: Mirrors can work wonders in small spaces. Place a large mirror at the end of the hallway to create the illusion of depth and reflect light. Mirrored furniture or decor can also add to the sense of openness.
  • Neutral Colors: Light and neutral colors can visually expand a narrow hallway. Consider using pale shades for walls and floors, and add pops of color through artwork or accessories.
  • Vertical Elements: Draw the eye upward to give the illusion of height. Incorporate tall bookshelves, vertical stripes, or tall artwork to divert attention from the narrow width.
  • Storage Solutions: Optimize storage to keep the hallway clutter-free. Utilize built-in shelves, floating cabinets, or wall-mounted hooks for coats, bags, and keys.
  • Flooring Matters: A continuous flooring material can create a seamless flow, making the hallway appear longer. Avoid bold patterns that can make the space feel more cramped.
  • Multi-Functional Furniture: If space allows, place a narrow console table along the hallway. This can serve as a decorative piece while also providing a place for keys or mail.
  • Artwork and Decor: Use artwork strategically to add interest to the walls. Consider creating a gallery wall with a mix of small and large pieces to draw attention away from the narrowness.
  • Pocket Doors or Sliding Doors: If feasible, replace traditional doors with pocket doors or sliding doors. These space-saving options eliminate the need for door clearance and can make the hallway feel less confined.
  • Rugs and Runners: A long rug or runner can guide the eye along the length of the hallway, creating a sense of movement and space.
  • Vertical Gardens: If you have a green thumb, consider adding a vertical garden with small potted plants or succulents to infuse life and freshness into the hallway.
  • Statement Wall: Create a focal point by designing one wall with textured wallpaper, bold paint, or unique artwork. This can divert attention and add character to the space.

Remember, the key is to maximize functionality while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere. By using these design ideas, you can turn your narrow hallway into a stylish and functional part of your home.

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