In this text you will learn how you can upgrade a narrow hallway with a few tricks and tips.

1. Decorative hooks

If your hallway seems to lack wall space, it's a good idea to invest in some decorative hooks. They make the area look light and airy and allow you to hang coats and bags when you get home from work. You can even add a coat-only hook if you want to keep your hallway clutter-free!

2. Murals

Hang pictures on the wall - This is a great hint to set up a straight and narrow hallway. Pictures are also great for adding more color to your hallway while creating an attractive focal point. Be sure to hang them high enough so you don't hit your head walking past them and don't clutter up the wall.

3. Use hangers

Use hangers and hooks - These are great storage solutions for things like umbrellas, bags or coats when you don't want to hang them up in your closet or cloakroom.

4. Insert magazine holder

Use Magazine Holders - These are very similar to picture frames. However, they are much more substantial, so they are perfect for displaying photos of your family or children when you want something simple and practical.

5. Add baskets

Add Baskets - Baskets are a handy cue to store things like shoes or hats that are often left lying around on the floor or under furniture if they aren't put away properly when you get home from work or school.

6. Hang up the wardrobe stand

Hang a Coat Rack - A coat rack is a perfect cue to store items like coats in the hallway without taking up too much space.

7. Narrow drawers make the difference

Install a narrow shoe bench - This is great for displaying your shoes in a neat and organized way. Store shoes that are not used seasonally in another wardrobe, thereby visually relieving the hallway.

8. Buy a new floor mat

Use a New Doormat - A utilitarian doormat can add some extra personality to your hallway. This gives you more decoration options and makes it easier to clean up when the kids come home from school or when friends come over unexpectedly.

9. Add carpet

Add a rug - This is a handy hint to transform the look of your hallway. Carpets add a pop of color and also help you hide dirt and vacuum cleaner marks that accumulate over time.

10. Create gallery wall

Create a Gallery Wall - A gallery wall is an excellent reference to decorate your hallway and give it an instant facelift. It might sound like something that should only be used for larger spaces, but it will make a small space look a lot more exciting and welcoming when done right.

June 12, 2021 — Markus Schroer